5 Secret Tips On How To Call Someone Without Showing Your Number

Smartphone helps us in connecting our friends and families. In short, you can contact any people around the World with your smartphone. But sometimes you want to call a company but are unsure about its authenticity. In such cases, you must hide your number and protect your privacy.

The article discusses how to call someone without showing your number. So, keep reading this article to know more about the information.

How To Call Someone Without Showing Your Number?

You can call someone without showing your number in the following ways.

1. Dial *67 Before The Number

One of the simplest ways to hide your number while calling is by dialing *67 before the number you wish to dial. It is possible only on mobile phones and landlines.

The technique is a free process, and you can easily do it.You need first to note the number to which you wish to call. You can even copy the number and paste it after dialing *67.

Your number will appear as No called ID, private, or blocked on their screen whenever you use this method. So, it is an excellent way to check whether your friends have blocked your number.

Remember another thing this method will only work for individual calls. So, you have to dial every time *67 and then a new number.

2. Change The Caller ID Settings 

You have to make specific changes to the settings on your device to hide your number while calling.

This facility is available for Android and IOS devices, and your number will appear as No caller ID, private or Blocked to everyone.

You can block your caller id on an iPhone by following the below steps.

  • Your first duty is to open the settings application and scroll down to the phone option.
  • You have to then tap on Show my caller ID, and then you have to switch it off to hide your number.

Now let’s discuss how you can block your number on an Android device so that your number will not appear on the screen.

  • Open the phone app and then the menu, usually in the top right corner of your Android smartphone.
  • Select settings and then scroll to supplementary services. Remember, it will vary from one device to another. Go to calls and additional settings if you don’t get supplementary services.
  • Now tap on Show my caller ID and select Hide number from the menu.
  • Your number will be hidden and not appear on anyone’s mobile screen.

Sometimes you may be tired of this feature and want to reverse it. For this, you can again select the show number, and your number will again be visible on any Android device to whom you will call.

Well, there is also another way by which you can temporarily unblock your number. You have to dial *82 if your call gets rejected temporarily.

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3. Say Your Number To Call Your Number

Every device may not have the same process of blocking numbers. It’s even quite painful to block numbers on per call basis. Well, you can block your number directly through a cell carrier.

Most carriers may not allow you to block your number from your device’s settings.

You can contact the carrier by calling 611; they will set your number as private or blocked. Well, you can unblock it again by calling *82. But remember, the *82 will work only on per call basis.

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4. Use Burner App

A burner app may help you to call someone without showing your number. Here you don’t need your number to hide anymore whom you will call. You will get a second number through this app, which will be visible to whom you will call. Additionally, you need to use your internet while making calls.

There are various apps. But we have listed below some of the most favorite apps by which you can get a secondary number.

  • Burner

Burner is one of the popular applications in Android or ios devices. You will get a secondary number while using this application. You can use this app completely for free for seven days. But after that, you have to pay $5 for every line.

  • Hushed

Hushed is another burner app allowing you to hide your number. But here, you need to pay money to get the service. But the payment is a bit less compared to other applications. You have to pay $2 weekly for 60 texts and 20 calls. However, you can take a monthly plan with unlimited calls. But in this plan, you have to pay $5 every month.

  • Google Voice

Google Voice will allow you to select a new number and make voice calls, audio messages, or texts.

You don’t need to pay anything to use Google Voice. You just need an active Google account to take advantage of Google Voice.

The application will use your mobile data but will not show your number when you call anyone. It will show the Google Voice number while calling.

5. Take Control Of Your Landline

You can dial *67 and any number on the landline to hide or block your number.


Most mobile phones have a caller ID feature to screen incoming calls. It will even prevent telemarkets from wasting valuable time. But this feature will not allow you to hide your phone number on the recipient’s phone.

Sometimes you don’t want to share your number with others you don’t trust. We have discussed various ways how to call someone without showing your number. You can follow any of them to hide your number. 

Thank you for reading this article.

FAQ : How To Call Someone Without Showing Your Number

Q1. How can I call someone without my number showing?

Ans : You must enter *67 and any number you wish to call. The words like private or anonymous will appear on the screen despite your mobile number.

Q2. What is *67 and *69?

Ans : When you dial *67, it hides your number on the recipient’s phone. But whenever you dial *69, it redials the last number you called

Q3. What happens if I call someone who blocked me?

Ans : You may hear one or half ring when you call someone who has blocked your number. Sometimes you may not hear any ring, and the call will go straight to voicemail.

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