How To Download APK On iPhone : 100% Free !

IPhone users like to use various android applications like games and miss them on their devices. But unfortunately, APK files cannot run on any iPhone operating system. 

APK means android package and is written in Java, whereas ios is written in Objective C.

It is the only reason running any APK file on iPhone seems impossible. But technology has advanced, and everything is possible in this technological world.

Many people have browsed the internet about downloading APK files on their ios devices. But most of them are confused as they got different answers and not a practical solution.

The article discusses how to download APK on iPhone. So, keep reading this article to know more about the information.

What Is APK?

Are you an android user? If yes, you must have encountered it at least once about APK.

What is this APK, and why is it essential for android users? APK means an android package kit that can be installed only on android devices so that you can enjoy various games and other applications on your android supported devices.

An APK file is an app created by the android operating system. Some apps are preinstalled on the device, whereas others can be downloaded from the Google play store.

The windows operating system uses the .exe file extension to install any software. The same thing holds for android, i.e., its uses. APK files. But most people are unaware of the. APK file extensions because while downloading any applications from the play store, it does not show the name of the file extension.

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How To Download APK On iPhone?

It’s impossible to run Android app packages on your iPhone or iPad because of different programming languages. But advanced technology has made it possible. 

1. Use Android Emulators

Android emulators help in converting any device into an android device. There are various android emulators, and you must choose the best one. Some of the renowned android emulators are iAndoid and Bluestacks.

We will discuss step by step how you can easily install android emulators on iPhone.

But an iPhone operating system needs a few necessary things to run an android emulator on your iPhone.

The requirements are listed below.

  • Your device must have a 64-bit processor.
  • You must have downloaded and installed Cydia.
  • Update version of SDK Manager.

Now lets us move towards discussing the running of the android emulator.

  • There will be a manage option in Cydia which you need to click.
  • Three options will pop up on the screen, i.e., Packages, sources, and storage.
  • Go and click the storage option.
  • You have to find http//
  • Once you see this source add it to your device.
  • The source will exactly appear as iPhone, like other applications.
  • Now open it and search android.
  • Install the android app on your iPhone, then enjoy different android applications.
  • You have replaced the iPhone operating system with APK.
  • Whenever you get bored with android applications then, simply uninstall the app.

2. Run Google Play Store On Your iPhone

In this method, you must download the Google play store and run it on the iPhone operating system. The best thing is you don’t need to jailbreak your device to run APK.

But before doing this, you must change some settings on your iPhone. Doing these settings will not create any issues during the installation process. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the iPhone operating system must be above 13 and install the Google Play store. Let’s discuss the settings below.

  • Switch on your iPhone and then move to settings.
  • You have to then move to general.
  • Switch on the Background app refresh option for both wifi and cellular data.
  • You have to now search for the low power mode, which will be there on the settings of the iPhone.
  • You have to disable it as it will create issues during android app installation. It is because when your device’s battery drains power, it moves to low power mode automatically, which can create a problem in the installation process.

Now let us discuss how you will install the Google play store on your iPhone and enjoy the android applications.

  • You now have to open the browser on your device. You can open anything, i.e., Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • You have to write in the browser. You can even visit site. It will take a few seconds and take you to another web page.
  • It is a search option where you need to write Play Store and then click on start injection.
  • The process completes here, and you will also get a chance to download a few games.
  • Now the Google play store is downloaded to your iPhone.
  • Now you can see the Play Store on your device. But if you can’t see it on your iPhone, lock the device and unlock it. You will see the Google play store on your iPhone.

3.Use Jail Breaking Method

Apple usually puts some restrictions on iPhones. So you cannot install the APK directly on the device. Most people jailbreak their iPhones today to use various applications or play their favorite games on devices.

The best method by which you can jailbreak your iPhone is to download the iPad version of the APK file.

Now let us discuss the steps below to install the APK file on your iPhone.

  • Download the IPA version of the APK file.
  • Simultaneously you need to download and install an application called Cydia impactor. If you don’t install it on your iPhone, then you cannot sign in to your Apple account and even cannot access the IPA version of the file.
  • Now connect the iPhone to a window or a MAC device.
  • After connecting your iPhone to Windows or MAC device, you must open the Cydia impactor app.
  • Now paste the downloaded IPA version of the APK file.
  • Sign in to your Apple ID.
  • Tap the ID and start the installation process of the IPA file.


Most iPhone users want to use APK on their devices. Fortunately, they can do it, but the methods are slightly different. It is because of the difference of programming languages in android devices and ios devices.

We have discussed how to download APK on iPhone above and hope you like it. If you have any queries, then ask us in the comment section. We will be glad to answer your questions.

FAQ : How To Download APK on iPhone

Q1. How do I open an APK file on my iPhone?

Ans : You cannot open APK files on your iPhone because APK files are designed only for android devices. However, technology has advanced today, and you can open an APK file by running an android emulator on your iPhone.

Q2. Is an APK safe?

Ans : Yes, APK is safe if you download it from a trustable source as it provides a good user experience.

Q3.Is it illegal to jailbreak iPhones?

Ans : No, it is not illegal to jailbreak iPhones in the United States, mainly after the Digital Millenium copyright act was passed in 2010.

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