How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost : Is It Worth It

A gaming PC is primarily designed for playing video games. The computer you use in your office or home is unsuitable for video games as it lacks a few features.

A gaming PC usually has a high processor, good graphics card, and high RAM.

So, how much does a gaming PC cost? The gaming PC will cost you between $500 to $4000.

A low-quality gaming PC will cost you around $500. It is affordable, no doubt, but limited to playing only low to medium video games. If you want to play high-end or online video games on your PC, you must purchase at least $2500.You can play video games with good graphical settings.

The cost varies as it depends on various factors like the purpose of using a gaming PC, the capacity of storage, and many others. 

For example, if you want to purchase a gaming PC with a costly and good graphics card, it’s obvious that it will cost you higher.

The best thing is you can make a gaming PC easily at home. Building your gaming PC can take video games to the next level. They are cost-effective, and you can upgrade them using the latest available. 

The article discusses more about gaming PC. So, keep reading this article to learn more about gaming PC.

What Is A Gaming PC?

A gaming PC is made specially to play video games. It offers higher performance than the regular computers we browse in the office.

You can even make a gaming PC or purchase it directly from the market according to your needs. But the customized gaming PC is far better than the one from the market.

How Much Does A Gaming PC Cost?

An effective gaming PC will cost you between $500 to  $1200. But if you want to play high-quality videogames with good graphics cards, it will cost you above $2000 and can go up to $4000.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Gaming PC?

A graphics card is an essential component for making a gaming PC. Apart from that, you must choose GPU according to your needs and the money you want to spend on it. Simultaneously you will also need to focus on other factors like the motherboard and sound card quality.

The CPU will cost you approximately $1000. The average GPU is $400, and for the motherboard, you need to spend almost $200.

Now talking about hard drives, you must spend $500, and for RAM, almost $ 150. The price will vary greatly depending on the brand and specifications which you are looking for. The total cost involved in making a gaming PC will range between $700 to $4000.

What Are The Advantages Of Making Your Gaming PC?

If you want a high-performance machine with less budget, consider making your gaming PC. 

Another great advantage is that you can customize your computer according to your needs or requirements. It will give you the freedom to choose high-quality parts required for making gaming PC from the market. Making your gaming PC will also help you to learn in-depth about computers. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Making A Gaming PC?

You have to put together every component to make the gaming PC compatible. Another limitation is that you must research every component to find the best possible in making a gaming PC.

Parts Required For Making Your Gaming PC

1. CPU

You need to consider purchasing a CPU either of Intel i52500K or AMD FX 8120.

2. Motherboard

It depends on the CPU you choose for making a gaming PC.

3. GPU

It is pretty expensive compared to almost all other components. Try to purchase graphics cards according to the performance level.


All gamers should consider a minimum of 16 GB RAM for making their gaming PC.

5. Cooling System

Consider a liquid cooling system while making your gaming PC, as it will not have fans. Fans wear out with time and can decrease cooling efficiency. But this will not happen on liquid cooling systems.

What Are The Things You Need To Focus On While Purchasing a Gaming PC?

All computers have specific components responsible for displaying or running various programs on the device. But if you love to spend most of your time playing Video games, you must purchase a gaming PC.

A gaming PC comprises a few components that help run the latest video games smoothly. Below are a few components in gaming PC that you need to look at while purchasing.

1. Central Processing Unit

The central processing unit analyzes the user’s input and runs the game instructions accordingly. It even provides information to the PC’s GPU(Graphic processing unit ).

Try purchasing a gaming PC with a multicore CPU because it handles so multitasks at a time. Here core means the processing units in the CPU, which are responsible for reading and running programs.

Most video game players like i5 and i7 processors as they are reliable. You can even invest in an AMD processor as it costs less than Intel.AMD is famous for its Ryzen series, which has numerous power processor models.

2. Graphics Card

You must consider another essential component besides the processor, i.e., the Graphics card. The work of the graphics data is to collect data from the CPU and display it on the monitor of the gaming PC.

If you don’t use a good graphics card, then the image of the video games will not display correctly on your monitor. Sometimes the condition worsens so much that the video game image does not display on the monitor. So you cannot play a video game properly without a good graphics card.

Nvidia is a famous company that has introduced RTX series graphics cards.AMD is also well known for creating graphics cards. The current graphics card made by AMD is the Raedon series which is famous in the market.


You must always prefer a gaming PC with high RAM(Random access memory). The work of the RAM is to store data temporarily when the PC is running different programs.

A high RAM is quite beneficial for video game players because you can run various programs simultaneously, like playing video games, along with multiple programs in google chrome or any other browser. 

Try to purchase at least a 16 GB RAM gaming PC, as you will get ample benefits. But some people want to do more than play video games on their PC. In that case, you can think of buying 32GB RAM.

4. Hard drive

There are better options than regular hard drive storage when buying a gaming PC. You need to consider Solid State Drives for storage options.

SSD storage can make your gaming PC run faster. The gaming PC can scan the files, so the loading speed becomes fast on your PC.

You need to consider as much SSD storage as possible. For example, you purchased a gaming PC with 256 GB storage and installed a videogame-like vanguard, which will take almost 100 GB of SSD storage.

It means you cannot store many video games on your gaming PC. Installing a new video game may take more space than the previous one. You have to uninstall the game to install the new one, which is annoying. Try to purchase at least 512GB hard drive storage for a gaming PC to install more games.

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Who Should Consider Buying A Gaming PC?

1. Casual Gamer

A casual video gamer likes to play one or two video games on a PC. If you want to play one or two funny video games like Fortnite, purchase a gaming PC. But for a casual gamer, it’s best to buy a cheap gaming PC, i.e., within $1000.

2. Hardcore Gamer

If you are a hardcore gamer, i.e., spend approximately 20 hours a week playing video games, then purchasing a good quality gaming PC is best.

3. Homeworkers

If you are working from home on your PC and simultaneously want to play video games at night for pleasure, consider buying a gaming PC.


Gaming PC is quite a in demand today. If you love to play video games, you should purchase a gaming PC. 

You can even make your gaming PC by buying some essential components. But if you do not want to put effort into research, buying components, and assembling, then purchase a gaming PC directly from the market.

The cost involved varies from $500 to $4000 depending on the type of video game you intend to play. Thank you for reading this article.

FAQ : How Much Does a Gaming PC Cost 

Q1. Is a gaming PC worth it?

Ans : Yes, a gaming PC is worth it, as you can enjoy playing different video games. Additionally, you can browse the internet or do your office work on it.

Q2. Is 8 GB RAM good for gaming?

Ans : Yes, 8GB RAM is good for gaming. You can play video games on it, but to play high-quality video games, you need to close other applications.

Q3. How long do gaming PC last?

Ans : The gaming PC usually lasts 5-7 years without upgrading or replacing any components. But after that, you may need to upgrade a few parts.

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