How To Clean iPhone Microphone ( 2023) – 7 Ways

The iPhone has various exciting features which are enjoyed by most of its users. People carry iPhones to the dining bed; the worst is to the bathroom. So, over time they carry dust, dirt, wax, and many more, which can affect the quality of the iPhone. 

Well, iPhones are pretty easy to clean. You need to wipe all the dust with a cotton cloth simply. But what about its microphone?

Microphones play a vital role in your iPhone. But if it is coated with dust, dirt, or makeup, then it will block the sound. The audio quality becomes poor, and people cannot hear while talking with you on iPhone. 

Additionally, the music playing on iPhone will not sound good. You can’t record voice on your iPhone, another issue with the clogged microphone.

Despite this, your iPhone can tolerate a few water splashes while cleaning. But remember, the microphone in the bottom parts of the device is quite delicate and will not tolerate water. So, cleaning an iPhone or microphone with water is not recommended.

The article discusses how to clean an iPhone microphone. So, keep reading this article to know more about the cleaning methods you can apply to clean the microphone of your iPhone. 

What Are The Few Things You Should Keep In Mind While cleaning Your iPhone Microphone?

There are certain things that you must remember while cleaning the iPhone microphone. We are listing them below.

1. Locate The Microphone

Your first duty is to find the microphone present in the iPhone. It is usually located at the bottom left of your iPhone.But in newer models, you will also find a microphone in the back casing. It helps in filtering noise that enters your device.

2. Best Practices 

  • You should remove the iPhone from the power source, switch it off, and start cleaning.
  • You should not use metal parts in cleaning your iPhone microphone.
  • Never use water to clean the device. Some devices are waterproof. But the microphone is quite sensitive, and cleaning it with water can damage it permanently.
  • Don’t use a solution containing harsh chemicals, especially hydrogen peroxide.
  • You should insert your iPhone in any liquid as it can badly damage your device, including the microphone.
  • You can use a vacuum but with caution.
  • Never use any sharp tools for cleaning the microphone.

How To Clean iPhone Microphone?

A dirty microphone can prevent proper listening or voice recording on your device. We have listed above some of the best ideas by which you can effectively clean your iPhone’s microphone and once again enjoy music, record audio, and many more.

1. Use Tooth Pick

Toothpick can be used to clean your microphone effectively. You can take a toothpick and poke it inside the holes of the microphone. You can twist the toothpick inside the holes and drag the debris or dirt to the edges of the iPhone to easily remove it. 

But if you are facing difficulties removing the dust, you can slightly dampen the toothpick and then poke inside the holes of the microphone. The dust or wax accumulated over the microphone can get dry with time.

So, it becomes sometimes difficult to remove them. Well, dampening the toothpick will help in removing stubborn dirt and dust. But you need to be extremely careful while doing it because leaving any liquid inside the microphone can permanently damage the iPhone.

Never insert too far, as it can damage the microphone. 

It’s best to insert a toothpick from an angle so that it will not go much distance.

2. Use A Smooth Bristle Brush

You can use a smooth bristle brush and brush the holes gently and carefully to remove the dust and debris.

3. Use A Small Paint Brush

A small paintbrush comes along with the watercolor or acrylic color kit. You can use the brush as a tool for cleaning the microphone. Cut the bristles to a small length to properly clean your device’s microphone. Simply poke the brush inside the microphone holes and clean the wax, dust, or any accumulated debris.

4. Use Compressed Air

Compressed air is an excellent way to remove dust from the microphone. The best thing is you can remove the debris from the place, which is quite challenging to reach with the brush or toothpick.

But don’t blow compressed air directly over the holes, as it can damage the microphone badly. You can place it at an angle and then use the compressed air to clean the microphone. 

It’s best to use compressed air at approximately 6 inches distance from the microphone. The dust and dirt will fly in the air once you spray the compressed air. So we recommend you close your eyes during spraying; otherwise, the dust will enter your eyes.

5. Use Electronics Cleaning Putty

Electronics cleaning putty is easily available in both offline and online stores. You can buy it and apply it directly over the microphone. It will help in removing the stubborn dust from the microphone. But try to remove the putty within a couple of seconds because it will soon become complicated for you to remove. You start scarping when the putty becomes stiff, and it can permanently damage your iPad’s microphone.

6. Try To Make Your Putty

You can make your cleaning putty at home and use it to clean the dust accumulated in the microphone. But for this, you need warm water(12 ounces), borax(1/4th cup), and white school glue(5 ounces).

You can follow the below procedure for making putty at home.

  • Mix the borax powder with 8 ounces of warm water in a paper cup.
  • Mix white school glue with the remaining water.
  • You can add the mixture of borax powder and water and start stirring until it becomes shard.
  • You can then knead it for approximately 5 minutes till it forms a ball-like structure.
  • It can be used to clean the accumulated dust from the microphone of your iPad.

7.Use Painter’s Tape

Painter’s tape can help remove stubborn dirt from your iPad’s microphone.

It mainly has adhesions through which dust can easily stick, and you can clean the microphone. 

But for this, you need to roll the painter’s tape so that the sticky surface will be outside. You can then poke inside the holes of the microphone. The accumulated dust will attach by this process, and you can clean the microphone. 

But once you notice that the painter’ tape has caught any dust or wax, immediately replace it with a new one to avoid dust from once again entering the microphone.

Try to be gentle during the process; otherwise, you will make the microphone of the iPad dirtier.

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We carry an iPhone almost every place, and in this way, it catches dust and dirt. It’s pretty easy to clean the surface of the iPhone. But what about its microphone? The accumulated dust in the microphone will prevent the other person from hearing your voice while you are on call.

We have discussed a few effective ways to clean the iPhone microphone and hope it will help you.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you like it. In the comments section, you can ask us any queries regarding cleaning your iPhone microphone. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

FAQ : How To Clean iPhone Microphone

Q1. How can I clean the phone’s microphone?

Ans : You can clean your phone’s microphone in the following ways.
Blow compressed air
Use toothpick
Use painter’s tape
Use toothbrush
Use a small paintbrush

Q2. 2. Where is the microphone on iPhone?

Ans : The iPhone microphone can be placed in three positions. It is mainly seen in iPhone 5 and later. One microphone is usually at the bottom of the iPhone, and its primary purpose is to make calls.
Another microphone is at the top of your iPhone, and its primary purpose is capturing audio for voice recording.
You will find another microphone at the back of the device, and it also captures audio to record voice.

Q3.Why can no one hear me when I call?

Ans : It happens mainly because of microphone obstruction. The dust, dirt, or wax can accumulate inside the microphone with time, creating a blockage. Sometimes you put a hand by mistake on the microphone, which causes an obstruction.

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