How To Clear RAM On iPhone : Essential Tips For Optimal Performance

Do you have an old phone? If yes, you often notice it freezes suddenly or behaves exceptionally slowly. The most common reason is that your old phone cannot handle modern software or any new application.

Well, these things are also normal in an iPhone. Your iPhone is just like a computer and has two types of memory. The first is RAM(Random access memory), and the second is phone storage space.

The RAM will store all the temporary files that are essentially required for the proper function of any application. But the phone storage will store all the permanent information like media files.

The RAM may become full of temporary files and data after using the iPhone for a few years. That’s why your iPhone behaves slowly, mainly when you try to open more than two applications.

You need to remove all the unwanted files from the RAM so your iPhone will behave smoothly like before.

The article discusses how to clear RAM on iPhone. So, keep reading this article to learn how to remove unnecessary files and data from the RAM.

What Is RAM On iPhone?

Whenever you buy an iPhone, you wonder about different options, including color and other features. But most people neglect the RAM of a device while purchasing an iPhone or mobile. 

RAM is there on iPhone, just like your computer. RAM’s storage space may not seem as crucial for your computer. But remember, it plays a vital role in running your device. RAM means Random access memory or volatile working memory. 

It is the space available on the device for your data. The RAM on your iPhone handles all the data and processes of the device. In short, you can say RAM is a place where all the active processes are carried out on your device.

But, If it gets clogged with unnecessary files, your device will start to behave sluggishly, which can irritate you while using the iPhone.

The iPhone will take some time to open the keyboard or become too hot after a few minutes. It indicates that you free up RAM storage space so the device can run quickly and smoothly.

How To Clear RAM On iPhone?

1. Clear RAM With Assistive Touch

New models of iPhone like the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and many other models don’t have a home button. You need to add an assistive touch button on the home screen of your iPhone. 

Step 1: Add Assistive Touch Icon

Your first duty is to open the settings on your iPhone and then tap on Accessibility. You can then click on touch and then on assistive touch. You must slide the button on the assistive touch to make it ON.

Now you can observe a virtual home button on your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Clear RAM

You have to go to settings again and tap on General and then on shut down. Your next duty is to tap on the assistive touch icon, which is there on the home screen of your iPhone. Hold the home button until the screen flashes, and return to the home screen.

This method will effectively clear up all the temporary and unnecessary files from the RAM, and your iPhone will run fast and smoothly.

2. Clear RAM By Using the Home And Power Buttons

Do you have an old iPhone? If yes, then the RAM of your iPhone can become full of temporary files and data, making the device extremely slow down. You can clear up the RAM quite easily compared to new model iPhones. You don’t need to add an assistive touch button on the home screen.

Let’s follow the steps to clear RAM by using your iPhone’s home and power buttons.

Step 1:Unlock Iphone

Your first step is to unlock your iPhone. You need to press the home button below your device’s home screen. Tap on the button and hold it. You need to enter the password or face Id to unlock the device. Wait until the home screen appears on your iPhone.

Step 2:Press The Power Button

The power button is usually located on the side of the iPhone button. You need to tap and press the button until the slide to power off on the screen of your device.

Step 3:Press The Home Button Again

Now press and hold the home button once again for a few seconds. The home screen will flash, which indicates that you have cleared the RAM on your device. Enter the password if required.

How Can I Clear Iphone Memory?

You can clear up iPhone memory in the following ways. 

1. Delete Apps On Your Device

You can delete some apps on your device to clear the iPhone memory. Well, follow the steps below to do so.

Step 1:Open The Settings Menu

Your first duty is to open the settings menu. The app looks like a gear and is usually on your home screen.

Step 2:TAP General

You can tap on general and then on the iPhone storage option. You will find a list of various apps you have installed on the device and how much space they have occupied.

Step3: Find The Apps Which You Dont Use

Certain applications take up a lot of space in your device, making it extremely slow. Find out the applications you don’t use and then tap on them. You will find the info screen pop-up on the screen.

Step 4. Delete App

You need to tap on the delete option, which appears as red text at the bottom of the page. It will delete the application from your device. You can repeat the process for all the applications you don’t use further. It will help clear up some storage space, and your device can run fast.

2. Delete Photos And Videos

Step 1: Open Photos

You will find an app that looks like a flower with colored petals on your device’s home screen. Open the photo application.

Step 2:Tap Select

You need to tap the Select button on the upper right of the page. You can then select the photos and videos which you wish to delete. You will find a blue tick mark on every photo you delete.

Step 3:Tap Trash Icon

You need to tap the trash icon, and all the selected photos and videos will be deleted from the device.

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RAM on your iPhone stores all the temporary data and files. You need to remove all the unwanted files from time to time; otherwise, your iPhone will get extremely slow. The device will take time to load anything or freeze completely, which is frustrating.

We have discussed above how to clear RAM on iPhone. You can follow them and easily clear up the RAM on your device.

Thank you for reading this article.

FAQ : How To Clear RAM On iPhone?

Q1. Do I need to clear the RAM on my iPhone?

Ans : RAM is one of the most essential hardware in your device. It plays a vital role in running your iPhone smoothly. But when it is clogged with files and temporary data, your device starts to run sluggishly. So, it’s better to clear RAM from time to time.

Q2. Can the iPhone add memory?

Ans : No, you cannot add memory to your iPhone.But fortunately, there are a few ways by which you can expand the storage space for music, videos, and photos.

For instance, you can store photos or music in iCloud and access them when needed. The i cloud even has the option to share the storage photos, videos, or music with family members and friends.

Q3. How can I check RAM on my iPhone?

Ans : You need to check the memory on your iPhone, and if it’s almost full, delete some unwanted files from your device.

You need to follow the below points to check the RAM on my iPhone.

Tap on settings, general, and then about.
Scroll on capacity and available fields. The capacity field tells you the total memory on iPhone, and the available field tells you the total memory used.

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