Simple Ways On How To Connect Airpods To PS4

Apple AirPods are a great accessory for phones, tablets, computers, and many more. So why do you struggle to connect your apple air pods directly with the PS4?

It is just because some features are missing in PS4, like the ability to connect any headsets. So, if you connect the AirPods directly to the PS4, it will not detect air pods.

So, how to connect AirPods to PS4? Well, you can buy a cheap Bluetooth adapter to solve the issue. The installation process is easy and simple, and you don’t need to worry about it.

The article discusses step by step about how to connect AirPods to PS4. so keep reading this article to know more about this information.

How To Connect Airpods To PS4?

It is pretty convenient to connect your AirPods to PS4 and enjoy gaming. But you cannot do both of them directly. If you try to connect both of them, you have to go through pairing steps, and at last, you will see a message that it failed. It’s pretty annoying, right? Well, you need a third-party adapter to connect the AirPods and PS4.

But ensure to charge your AirPods. Additionally, some Bluetooth adapters have batteries. Charge them just like AirPods so that there will not be issues while playing. 

We have listed below the procedures you need to follow for connecting AirPods to PS4 with the help of a third party.

1.Purchase A Good Bluetooth Adapter

Using a Bluetooth adapter, you can connect the apple air pods to the PS4. You can easily find a Bluetooth adapter in any shop, or else you can buy it online. But remember, the adapter you will purchase needs a USB piece and a 3.5mm jack piece.

2. Insert The Adapter

You will find two USB ports in PS4 and need to connect the adapter to one USB port.

3. Put The Adapter And Airpods In Pairing Mode

Your next duty will be to put both adapter and AirPods in pairing mode.You will observe a blue light flashing on the adapter once you connect it to the USB port of the device. It indicates that the adapter is in pairing mode.

Now it’s time to pair the AirPods. You need to open the AirPods case, and then you need to press and hold the syncing button till the blue light of the adapter becomes constant. It indicates that the AirPods are now in pair with the device.

4. Insert The Microphone Adapter Into The Controller

You will find a 3.5 mm port on the bottom of the PS4 controller, and you need to insert the microphone adapter into that port.

5.Open The Settings

Now open the settings of the pS4 and scroll through the menu to find devices and then audio devices and finally select input devices. Ensure that the headset is connected to the controller.

6.Do Settings Of Output Device

You need to set the output devices to USB headphones. You can adjust the audio level of the microphone, i.e., high or low, according to your choice.

Now you need to scroll on to output to the headphones and set it to audio level. You have completed everything and can now enjoy the game on PS4. The audio will start coming from PS4 to your Apple AirPods.

How Can I Connect Airpods To PS4 Using Remote Play Application?

Using the remote play application, you must follow the steps below to connect the AirPods to PS4.

  • You need to sign in to your PS4 account.
  • You need then to download the Remote Play application on your android mobile. If you have iPhone, then download the application from the store.
  • Install the application by accepting all the conditions.
  • You can then move to the PlayStation account.
  • Enter all the required details to log in to the account.
  • The app will search for PS4; you must wait until the application and PS4 are connected.
  • Move to your phone settings and then Bluetooth settings and share PlayStation.
  • There will be a controller on the devices list. You need to select the controller to establish a connection.
  • Connect AirPods to your android or iPhone.
  • Your AirPods are connected to the device, i.e., PS4.
  • You can now play the game.

The android version must be at least 5.0 or above for downloading the Remote play application and connecting AirPods to PS4. The app will only work if the iPhone you are using is having IOS 13 or above.

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How Can I Troubleshoot Audio With Bluetooth Adapter?

Sometimes after connecting the Bluetooth adapter, you will not hear any voice from the AirPods.

  • You need to go to the settings of the console and then go to the devices and then audio devices. You need to adjust the microphone level accordingly.
  • Go back again to audio devices and then select volume control. You need to adjust the volume of the headphone according to your preferences.
  • Go back to audio devices again, and now you have to select output to headphones and then select all audio.


Having your own PlayStation is a great thing every Game lover dream of. Playstations are even quite expensive. You spend a lot of money on purchasing a PlayStation. But still, headsets are not supported by PlayStation 4.

Well, you can connect your AirPods to the PS4 with the help of a Bluetooth adapter. We have discussed above how to connect AirPods to PS4. You can follow them and enjoy playing games with PS4.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you like it. If you have any queries regarding connecting Airpods to PS4, ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

FAQ : how to connect airpods to PS4

Q1. How can you connect AirPods to iPhone?

Ans : 1. Bluetooth must be active on your iPhone.
2. Hold the AirPods close to the iPhone and ensure the case is open.
3. Click on connect and follow the instructions given on the screen.

Q2.How do you connect AirPods to Mac?

Ans : 1. Switch on the Bluetooth of your computer.
2. Hold and press the button of the AirPods till the light starts to blink white.
3. You will find the air pod will appear on the Bluetooth window of the MAC. 
4. You can then click connect.

Q3. How do you connect AirPods to the android device?

Ans :1. You need to click on the device’s settings and then tap Bluetooth.
2. Open the air pod case and hold the button till it blinks white.
3. You will find Airpods on the available devices list, which you must tap.

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