How To Connect Apple Watch To iPhone ( 2023) : Complete Guide

Apple Watch is one of the best and most popular smartwatch today. You can keep track of your health by using the Apple Smartwatch. It can measure the blood oxygen level, measure temperature to know when you will ovulate, heart rhythm, and track your sleep.

Another exciting feature is the Apple Watch is crash and fall detection. The watch can detect if you had a bad fall and ask whether you are fine. If you don’t answer anything, the smartwatch will connect to emergency services immediately.

If you purchased a new Apple watch, you would like to connect it to your iPhone. The smartwatch will take data from your iPhone, which you can see on your Apple watch. Once you connect both devices, you can easily access calls and messages on your wrist all day.

The article discusses how to connect Apple Watch to iPhone. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn how to connect the two devices easily.

How To Connect Apple Watch To iPhone?

Have you brought your new Apple Watch? If yes, connecting it to your iPhone makes it easy to access phone calls, texts, songs, calendars, and many more on your wrist. We are discussing below how we can connect iPhone and Apple watch.

1. Check Compatibility

Your Apple watch should be compatible with your iPhone. You must do this before buying an Apple watch. But if you have not opened the box of your new Apple watch, then you must first verify the following things.

  • Apple Watch’s first generation goes well with the iPhone 5 or later, which runs ios 8.2 or later.
  • Apple Watch series 1 and series 2 go well with iPhone 5 or later.
  • Apple Watch Series 3 has two models, i.e., LTE and Non-LTE. Both versions will go well with iPhone 6S, or later that runs ios 14 or above.
  • Apple Watch Series 4 has two models, i.e., LTE and Non-LTE. The LTE model is suitable for iPhone 6 or later. The Non-LTE one is compatible with iPhone 5S.
  •  Apple watch series 5 is suitable for iPhone 6S or a new version that runs ios 13 or later.
  • Apple Watch SE requires iPhone 6 S or a new version that runs at least ios 14.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 will require iPhone 6 or a new version that runs ios 14 or above.

2. Update iPhone

Ensure that your iPhone must be up to date to connect with the Apple watch. You can check it by tapping on the settings app of your iPhone. You have to go to general and then to know your device’s version. You need to update it if required by connecting to the computer and opening iTunes.

3. Switch On Bluetooth

You need to connect both devices, i.e., Apple iPhone and apple watch. So ensure that the Bluetooth of your iPhone is turned on while pairing.

It even needs a good internet connection while pairing. So ensure that your iPhone is connected to wifi or a cellular network.

4. Open Apple Watch App

Now open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. You will find the Apple Watch app on your device’s home screen, especially if you are using iPhone 5 or newer model. If you dont find it, then download it from the Apple store.

5. Switch On Your Apple Watch

Now you must switch on your Apple watch. You need to press the button on the right side of the watch. You will observe a black screen with a white logo appearing on the screen. It will remain on this screen for a few minutes. You can then choose a language and place it on your Apple watch.

6. Pair Both The Devices

Bring the iPhone and Apple watch close to each other until you find the pairing screen, and then click continue. But if you dont find then open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and click on start pairing. You can then click Set up for myself.

7. Point Your iPhone Camera On The Pattern Of Your Apple Watch

The animation starts appearing on your smartphone. Now point the camera of your iPhone into the watch screen till you get a message that your Apple watch is paired. It may even ask you to update the watch operating system.

 If it asks, then you need to do it immediately. If it does not ask, then a new screen on iPhone will appear, which asks you to choose from two options. The first one is to restore your Apple Watch from the backup, and the second one is to set it up as a new Apple Watch.

If you are using your smartwatch for the first time, you must choose the second option, i.e., set up as a new Apple watch. But if you are using your old Apple watch, then click on restore your Apple watch from back up.

8. Choose Which Wrist You Will Be Wearing

Always wear your Apple Watch on a nondominant hand so that your dominant hand can control all your watch’s settings.

Choose the left or right option on your iPhone accordingly. If you are going to wear an Apple watch on the left hand, then choose the left option, and if you are going to wear it on the right hand, then select the right option.

9. Read The Terms And Conditions

Read all the terms and conditions on your iPhone and click agree to continue. Now click Ok for location services, Siri, and diagnostics. A page that says you to create a passcode for the Apple watch will appear.

 It is not compulsory but a very new and exciting feature. If you set up a passcode, you can pay anyone using your Apple Watch. When you tap on create a passcode, a new screen will appear on your iPhone, which says you to create a 4-digit passcode on your Apple watch. 

Once you create the passcode on your watch, it will ask you about unlocking the Apple watch with your iPhone. Press yes to continue.

Next, your iPhone will ask you to install all the apps or choose later. You can choose later to install all the apps.

The Apple Watch cannot download and install any app directly from the App Store. You need to find the apps that will be compatible with your Apple watch and install them on the device. It will sync the data of that application with your Apple watch.

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10. Wait For Syncing

Now the Apple Watch and your iPhone will start syncing. You will observe a wheel that shows the progress of syncing.

You have to wait for a few minutes till your Apple watch synced with the iPhone.

11. Transfer Apps From iPhone To Apple Watch

You can easily transfer apps and data from your iPhone to your Apple watch. You need to follow the below steps.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Click on My watch
  • Now you will see the apps you installed on your iPhone and are compatible with your Apple watch. If the toggle near any app is on, it is installed on your watch. If any app toggles off and you want it to appear on your Apple Watch, simply toggle it on.

How Can I Pair Multiple Apple Watches?

It’s possible to pair multiple Apple watches with your iPhone. You need to follow the instructions below.

  • You need first to open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Click on my watch
  • Now tap on all watches
  • Select all watch
  • Now follow the instruction provided by your iPhone to pair with more than one Apple watch.

Why is my Apple watch not pairing with my iPhone?

There can be numerous reasons your Apple watch is not paring with your iPhone.For instance, if you keep the iPhone and Apple watch far from each other and pair them, they will not pair. So, bring them together and try to fix the problem. Ensure that the Bluetooth in your iPhone is turned on and the airplane mode is turned off in both devices.

If the previous tips don’t work, then restart your iPhone and Apple watch. You can even try resetting your iPhone in the following ways. 

  • Go to settings
  • Tap General
  • Scroll down and tap reset
  • Tap reset network settings
  • Enter the passcode and then try to connect with the Apple watch again.

However, if you fail to do this, then reset your Apple watch. But remember, it will erase all the contents and settings. You can do this by following ways.

  • Open the settings app on your watch.
  • Chose general
  • Tap on reset
  • Now click on erase all content and settings.
  • No w go to your iPhone and open Apple Watch app.
  • Click on my watch, and then all watches.
  • Tap on the information button, which you will find on the side of the watch.
  • Now click on unpair Apple watch.
  • Once you click on it, everything will be new. You need to retry pairing an Apple watch with your iPhone.


Connecting the Apple Watch to iPhone is quite beneficial. You can easily see the notifications and alters received on your iPhone on your Apple watch. Additionally, you can call, see messages, listen to songs, track your physical activities all over the day, and many more.

We have listed how to connect an Apple watch to iPhone above and hope the information is helpful.

FAQ : How To Connect Apple Watch To iPhone

Q1.Can you make calls with an Apple watch?

Ans : Yes, you can make calls on your Apple watch. Tap on the phone app on your Apple Watch and then on Contact. Scroll down to find the person which you wish to call. You can click on the call button to call the person.

Q2.  Can I use Apple Pay on the Apple watch while pairing it with iPhone 14

Ans : You can use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch while pairing with iPhone 14. But you have to create a passcode for your Apple watch.

Q3. How can I pair my Apple watch with iPhone 14 pro?

Ans : •Both iPhone Pro and Apple Watch should be connected to the internet
 • Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on on iPhone.
 • Download the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Bring both devices together 
 • Start pairing by following the instructions provided for completing the pairing procedure.

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