How To Make A Minecraft Mod?

Minecraft is a sandbox game introduced to the public in 2009. The video game is called a sandbox game as it provides an innovative landscape with no rules or regulations.

Kids will love to play this game. It will teach geometry and lit bit of geology and engineering in them. The head of characters in the sandbox game is square, which is quite interesting for kids.

Most kids play Minecraft and want to explore or customize the game. Well, Minecraft Mods can solve this problem. You can create your character or change the light and color of the surrounding with it. Introducing Mods or modifications in the game can make the game more interesting.

The article discusses how to make a Minecraft Mod. So, scroll on this article to learn ways to create a mod.

What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a game developed in 2009. You can explore the Minecraft game by experimenting or watching youtube videos.

Your first duty while playing the game is to create a world and give its name.

 You can then explore and build numerous things. For instance, you can pick wood from a tree and make pickax. You can use it to mine stones and make a house. These exciting things are an excellent way to improve your kid’s imagination. You can play the game alone or with multiplayer.

What Are Minecraft Mods?

Mod means modifications. So Minecraft mod means modifying the primary game to make it more exciting. You can add new characters, change light and color, launch a rocket, and explore space.

 In short, you can customize everything in this game. It has endless creative sources, which can make the game more fascinating. 

Let’s discuss about the Minecraft mods in more detail by listing three examples.

  • Imagine a character who is sick, and enemies have surrounded him. You can do a mod that will recharge his health and give weapons so that the character can fight with enemies.
  • You want to make a house. You can do a mod that will create a house with one click.
  • Make a mod to create a small game inside Minecraft that multiplayer can play. The game can have various levels for defeating enemies or searching and collecting any particular item.

You can teach these ideas into our game and make it more interesting. However, these ideas can only be implemented because of coding.

There are numerous websites available on the internet by which you can create Minecraft mods. One of the best and most popular websites for creating Minecraft mods is

Most of the Mods will require a forge program for running. So, you need to install it on your device so that Mods can effectively run on Minecraft.

But before doing so, you need to have antivirus on your device because the downloaded mod can have a virus that can damage your computer.

Another great thing is that some mods are freely available on the internet. So, you just have to download and install on your computer and utilize them while playing Minecraft.

Can I Create My Minecraft Mods?

Technology and especially coding, has become much advanced today. So, you can create your own Minecraft Mods. There are two options for doing so; The first one is by installing Java and Forge.

The second one is by visiting you don’t need to install any program like Java and Forge to run a mod on Minecraft.

How To Make Minecraft Mod?

1. Visit the Website

First, you need to visit Remember you need to subscribe to this site to make mods. But it is a good site, and it will help you easily create mods so that you can customize the game every well.

Now your next duty is to create an account on this website. If you are a new player, there are various videos that you can watch on how to make mods.

2. Start Your Server

Now login into your account by entering your email id and password. Click on Play and then my server, and then start the server. The server will take a few seconds to load.

You need to copy the IP address and paste it into Minecraft.

Go to Minecraft, click on multiplayer, direct connect, and paste the IP address. Now click on join the server, and now you can create mods.

3. Create mod

Hit the play button by going to the home page and then mod.

You can then give the mod’s name; then, you must choose a mod language. You can tap Blockly (multiplayer) and then on the see inside present on the right of the page and then on code. 

You will be redirected to the modding environment, a white canvas page with Minecraft, logic, loops, Math, text, function, and many more written on the left-hand side of the page. Whenever you click any of them, you will have some codes written, which will help create a mod. 

For instance, there is a text which you can use to send a message while creating a mod. The logic can be used to have numerous outcomes in your mod. If you click on Math, you will have many math symbols and formulas to apply while creating a mod. 

The list is also there if you want to group numerous things. So, all these are pretty important for creating a mod.

4. Start coding

You can now create a simple mod to send messages or spawn mob. Every programming language starts with a primary function. Now pull the function menu on the white canvas and change it to main.

Now to spawn an entity, you need to use the drone function. So pull the new drone to the white canvas.

Go down to the variables and set d to the new drone. Now go back to the drone and place a diamond-type block. You can then spawn a mob of witch type.

5. Run mod

Now hit mod, and you will go back to the Minecraft server. Go inside the chest and pull the modding.

You can then place over the hot bar, scroll and place the right-click button. You can check how you have created the mod and how it’s spawning. If you are not satisfied, then make some changes to the drone.

Again, return to the modding environment and make some changes to make the game more exciting. Now click on the event block and then do the function(when -happens)

Call another function and name it an explosion. You can then click particles and then spawn particles. Just duplicate it, and now let’s throw particles. So again, go back to particles and click on fire explosion. You can choose firework sparks for the duplicate one.

Now click on miscellaneous and call the explosion function. Go to events and click on block break event. 

Now run the mod. You will observe that every time you break a block, it creates an explosion. 

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Popular Minecraft Mods Which Kids Can Build Easily

1. This rocks mod

It adds small branches, rocks, and pine cones to create a stimulating environment.

2. Paleocraft Mod

It gives the option to play with fossils. 

3. Iron chests mod

It will add new chests to the game, including iron chests.


Minecraft is an excellent game for children. It will help in learning programming languages that kids can apply to various fields. Additionally, kids will develop their imagination power by creating mods on Minecraft. So you can say it is an educational tool for the kids.

Numerous websites will help kids in learning and create mods. We have listed how to make a Minecraft mod above step by step and hope that will help kids create one.

FAQ : How To Make A Minecraft Mod

Q1. Is it legal to make Minecraft Mods?

Ans : The mod you create for playing Minecraft right from scratch belongs entirely to you. You can do whatever you want with that mod. So, it is perfectly legal to make Minecraft mods.

Q2. How are Minecraft mods written?

Ans : Minecraft mods are written in Java programming language. So a mod creator needs to understand Java language to customize in Minecraft.

Q3. How to make a mod with Java?

Ans : You can make a mod with Java by following the below steps.
-Your first duty is to download the Java developer kit.
-Now you need to download a few tools before starting Minecraft modding. Download -Eclipse IDE, the most famous text editor.
-Download Forge, as it will allow you to mod Minecraft.
-Install pinta
-Start working on a project
-Create your MOd, and run it for testing

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