How To Send Fax From iPhone Free : [100% Free]

Earlier, people were using fax machines to send fax. But now technology is advanced, and you can easily send faxes from your iPhone to people anywhere in the World. 

Unfortunately, iPhones do not have an inbuilt feature by which you can send a fax to anyone. But there are fax apps available on the iPhone store which you can use to end fax to anyone. The best thing is that most of them are free to use.

The article discusses how to send fax from iPhone free. So, you can keep scrolling through this article to learn various ways in which we can send the fax free of cost from the iPhone.

What Is The Need To Send Fax From An iPhone App?

1. Convenience

Earlier, people need a fax machine to send documents from one place to another. But you don’t need physical paper, documents, or a fax machine to send the fax from one place to another. Thankfully there are many fax apps you can use to send a fax.

2. Cost Saving

Using a fax machine at home involves a lot of money. Using fax on your iPhone reduces all these costs. The best thing is you can send documents to someone anywhere in the World without spending money.

3. Involves Less Time

You don’t need to spend much time sending a fax. You just need a few minutes to send a fax through iPhone apps. But the internet connection needs to be stable while sending the fax.

What Points Should I Consider While Choosing Fax Apps On My iPhone?

You must consider a few factors when choosing your iPhone’s fax apps. They are listed below.

1. Quality 

The quality of the app is an important thing that you must consider. Poor-quality apps usually contain bugs.

2. Features

Some fax apps provide scanning functionality you may not find in other fax apps. Scanning a document makes it easier and better to send to your recipient. So you should never overlook this feature. You need to choose a fax app with a scanning feature while sending a document to someone.

3. Popularity

Always choose apps that are pretty popular and used by most people. You can know it by reading the reviews of other people.

4. Customer service

A good and popular app always provides good customer service. So, always look for a fax app that will provide good customer support.

5. Price

You need to consider the price while choosing the app. Some fax apps offer free of cost for sending documents. So you can choose such an app for sending documents to your recipient. But remember, they may lack some premium features.

How To Send Fax From Iphone Free?

We are discussing below some of the easy ways you can send on your iPhone completely free of cost.

1. Use Fax. Plus App

You need to follow the below instructions for sending a fax on your iPhone by using fax. Plus app

  • You need first to download the Fax. Plus, app from the app store and install it on your iPhone.
  • Now open the app and do registration.
  • Create an account in the fax. Plus application.
  • You have to verify your phone number to complete registration.
  • Tap on send fax from the dashboard of your account.
  • Enter the recipient’s fax number.
  • Tap on add the file.
  • Add almost ten pages.
  • Enter the cover letter details by adding text.
  • Tap on send, and now your fax will be sent to your recipient free of cost.

The Fax. Plus app allows you to send a fax free of cost to almost 180 countries worldwide. But it is restricted only to 10 pages. So if you want to fax more than ten pages, you need to avail a subscription plan.

2. Fax Burner

Fax Burner is an excellent app allowing you to send and receive faxes. You can send approximately 25 pages monthly to any number in US or Canada. 

But you must buy a subscription plan if you wish to send or reive more than 25 pages. Now let’s discuss how you can easily use the Fax burner app.

  • Install the Faxburner app from the app store and install it on your device.
  • Open the Fax Burner app, sign in, and click compose fax.
  • Enter the details of the sender and receiver.
  • Compose a cover letter if required.
  • Attach document
  • If you have not scanned your document, you can use this app for scanning.

3. Fax App: Fax For iPhone

The fax for iPhone app helps to send a fax free of cost to almost 80 countries worldwide. You can even add a custom cover page, filters, or draft fax and edit after some days using this app. 

You can even add an electronic signature on your important documents and validate it before faxing the recipient.

It also has a security feature, i.e., locking the fax with a passcode or face id. Install the Fax for iPhone app, enjoy all its features, and send a fax. You can send, receive and send unlimited fax by using this app.

4. Jot Not Fax: Send Receive Fax

The Jot Not Fax app is the next free app you can download and install on your iPhone to send a fax free of cost. It is one of the most reliable apps allowing you to forward documents from your device, cloud, and email accounts. It even allows you to generate your fax number to make it easy to fax.

5. Speedy Fax app: Send Fax From iPhone

Speedy Fax app is another free fax app that allows you to send a fax free of cost. It will enable you to send documents to almost 100 countries. 

It allows you to scan and send documents in various formats like JPG, PNG, etc. The best thing about this app is that you can get up-to-date notifications about the fax sent. But this app will delete fax automatically which are older than 90 days.

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Ifax allows you to send the fax free of cost, only for seven days. You must buy a subscription plan if you want to use this after seven days.

Now follow the steps below for using the ifax app.

  • Download and install on your iPhone.
  • If you use this app for the first time, you must sign in to your account.
  • Using this app, you don’t need a fax number to send the fax.
  • Connect to your existing account or add the email address to continue.
  • You can click the Create a Fax button on the home page.
  • Enter all the fax details, like the recipient’s fax number, fax subject, and recipient name.
  • Tap on scan or add a documents
  • Scan documents using your camera
  • Tap on send


Earlier, people visited a local print shop or owned a fax machine to send documents to their friends, relatives, or business colleagues. 

But now you don’t need a fax machine to send documents. There are various fax apps listed above which you can download, install on your iPhone and use to send documents to the recipient. 

We have discussed how to send fax from iPhone free and hope the information is helpful.

FAQ : How To Send Fax From iPhone Free

Q1. Is there a free fax app?

Ans : Yes, there are plenty of free fax apps. If you have an iPhone, then you can download ifax. Using this app, you can send or receive a fax free of cost. But, remember you need an internet connection to send the fax. Your internet connection should be stable while sending the fax to the recipient.

Q2. Can I send to a fax machine from my iPhone?

Ans : Yes, you can easily fax documents from your iPhone. There are various fax apps available which you can download and install on your device. You can use it to send or receive fax easily to the recipient. Some apps allow you to send documents to more than 200 countries worldwide.

Q3. Can you fax online for free?

Ans : Yes, you can send fax online free of cost from your iPhone. You need to download the fax. Plus app, use your Google account, and send fax easily to the recipient.

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