Why Is My Laptop So Slow And How Can Do Fix It : 8 Ways

The laptop has become a necessary gadget for most people. Unfortunately, after using it for many years, the laptop begins to slow down or may freeze. So, if you are using an HP laptop, then you may be wondering why is my laptop so slow. 

Well, there can be numerous behind the problem. For instance, it may be because of overheating, or if you run so many programs simultaneously, your HP laptop will slow down. There can also be the possibility of some virus in the laptop, which slows down the device.

The article discusses various reasons for slowing down HP laptops. So, keep reading this article to learn about the reasons that slow down a laptop and how to fix it easily at home.

Why Is My Laptop So Slow?

Once you purchase your laptop, you download various programs, files, and software. Hence using it for a few years, again and again, can slow down your device.

A slow laptop can make you feel frustrated while you are doing anything important on your device. So, does your HP laptop feel sluggish? We have discussed below some of the reasons for the HP laptop becoming slow.

 1. Hard Drive Is Full

The laptop requires an operating system to interact with the user. So, a hard drive is essential for installing the operating system on the laptop. The laptop’s hard drive is the storage space, storing data, files, operating systems, pictures, music, and many more. Again a hard drive is required to install any program on your laptop. 

In short, you can think of your hard drive as a refrigerator. You store various items in the fridge, like fruits, vegetables, cans, dairy products, etc. But if you make the fridge 90-95 percent complete, its cooling capacity decreases.

The same thing occurs in hard drives. When your hard drive is 90 percent full, the HP laptop slows down by 50 percent.

The best thing you can do is empty the space in the hard drive. You can move some files, photos, or music to an external drive or the cloud so your laptop will not slow down.

2. Your Laptop Is OverHeated

The temperature plays a vital role in the performance of your device. You must keep your laptop at a specific temperature; excess heat, cold, or humidity can affect it badly.

For example, high temperature can slow the electrical resistance, and thus the current increases. Consequently, your laptop gets overheated, which may be the reason for slowing down. Again, keeping the device in an environment of dust and dirt will block the cooling fins, thus slowing down your laptop. Keep the cooling fins clean and free from dust and dirt so your laptop will work fast.

3. Use Too Many Applications At One Time

If you run too many applications at one time, then you will experience that your device is slowing down.

 For example, suppose you open an excel sheet and start updating, which has tons of data, and simultaneously open adobe photoshop in one tab and watch movies in another tab. In that case, you will feel that your device is slowing down because of an opening of many applications.

4. Laptop Has A Virus

There may be the possibility of a virus in your device, which is the reason for slowing down your laptop. The virus can enter your device either during internet usage or because of any external device like a pen drive, USB, or any other.

The virus inside the laptop is quite dangerous as it can corrupt or delete some of the data in your laptop. It can even delete everything stored on your device’s hard disk.

We are listing below some of the signs of infected laptops as follows.

  • More pop-ups.
  • Blue screen giving death notification.
  • A hard drive containing suspicious files.
  • Programs begin to open and close automatically.

You need to scan your computer to detect viruses and malware and remove them as soon as possible if detected.

5. The Browser Is Overloaded

You usually do various things on the computer, like typing, installing multiple programs, or using the internet for different purposes. Opening many tabs on your laptop while using the internet will slow down your device. 

For instance, in one tab, you are playing games, and in another tab, you have opened a youtube video; on another tab, you are browsing something, then opening numerous tabs and browsing the internet will slow down. You must close all the browsers, go to the history, and delete cookies.

6. You Are Out Of Memory

RAM(Random access memory)is the short terms memory for your laptop. Your laptop places all the data in its RAM to access it easily.

If your HP laptop has more RAM, it can juggle maximum data simultaneously. In short, you can say that if your laptop has more RAM, you can run heavy programs like Adobe Photoshop and many more.

Most modern HP laptops can handle much work at any given time. But if your HP laptop has gone old, it cannot simultaneously handle so many memory-intensive programs, which can slow down.

You need to check the memory use of your laptop and find out which programs are dominating your RAM. You can then decide how to use the RAM of your HP laptop for various purposes.

7. Problem With Hardware

A laptop’s hardware means anything you can touch physically—for instance, a keyboard, mouse, hard disk, motherboard, and many more. Any problems in hardware can extremely slow down your laptop.

 For example, if you drop your laptop somewhere, it causes damage to the hard drive, and finally, your laptop will start as usual but will show a blue screen while loading windows and an error message.

How To Fix The Issue?

 Whenever your HP laptop slows down, it irritates and frustrates you. Well, you don’t need to panic about it. There are a few thighs that you can do to solve the issue.

Below are a few things you can adopt to fix the problem.

1. You Have To Restart Your Laptop

Restarting is one of the simple and easy processes to fix the issue. You need to try this simple solution before diving into something complicated.

We recommend restarting your device once every two to three days if your HP laptop is slowing down.

But if the problem exists after restarting your laptop, you need to follow other methods for fixing the problem.

2. Check The Internet Connection

Remember that web browsing playing online games, or streaming Netflix requires a good internet connection. You must run the internet speed by visiting speedtest.net and checking the upload speed. The upload speed must be 10 Mbps; otherwise, it affects the laptop’s performance and makes it slow.

3. Detect Malware Or Virus

You need to detect malware and virus and remove it soon so that your laptop will work effectively. You need to keep the antivirus updated to protect your device.

4. Annoying Window Updates

Your laptop needs to be updated from time to time if it’s running windows 10. Most of the users find it boring to update windows 10 on their laptop and click remind me later. But in this way, it can slow down your laptop. You need to update windows 10 every few days to fix the issue.

5. Avoid Multitasking

Opening so many applications at a time can put pressure on RAM. So, you need to avoid it as much as possible so that your device will work properly.

6. Buy A Cooling Pad For The Device

If you are using your laptop for many hours, buying a cooling pad is best to avoid overheating.

7. Focus On Websites Filled With Flash Ads

The flash ads website is not good for your device as it will enter viruses inside the laptop and slow down. Try to avoid it as much as possible.

8. Add More RAM

Adding more RAM to your HP laptop is best if you are compelled to run various programs simultaneously.

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Your HP laptop can get sluggish whenever you misuse it. Additionally, when the device gets older, it usually affects its performance, and thus, it may also run slowly. But if your HP laptop is new and running slow, there is a significant problem you need to fix as soon as possible.

We have discussed above the reasons for slowing down your laptop and how you can quickly fix it.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you like it. If you have any queries, then ask us in the comment section. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

FAQ : Why is My Laptop is So Slow

Q1. How long do HP laptops last?

Ans : Most experts recommend that HP laptops usually last for 3-5 years. Your device may survive above five years, but its utility will be restricted.

Q2. How do I clean up my HP laptop?

Ans : You can clean your HP laptop in the following ways.
You have to uninstall unwanted applications and programs ,Save files to the cloud ,Remove temporary files.

Q3.How can I make my HP laptop faster?

Ans : You can make your HP laptop faster in the following ways.
You need to uninstall unwanted software.
Check for virus
You can add some more RAM to the PC
Look at your web browser.
Use disk clean up.

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